Data Management: Overview

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Data Classification

Data at LSU can be classified into three categories (Confidential, Private or Public). Confidential data has a high level of sensitivity. Private data has a moderate level of sensitivity. Public data has a low level of sensitivity. Each category carries a different level of access and reputation risk. PS-124 Data Management outlines the security of data at LSU. 

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Securely Removing Data

In an IT environment, data is stored on various forms of storage media (e.g.., hard drives, USB flash drives, CD-ROM’s, tape drives). When you no longer need to use this storage media, the data must be securely removed to prevent unauthorized access. In compliance with FERPA, University policies and state legislation, this becomes imperative if the data is of a sensitive nature.

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Data Stewards

A data steward is responsible for the management of the enterprise data at LSU. This page contains a list of data stewards by system. Please use the contact listed or appropriate link in the table to request access to a system.

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Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans are the responsibilities of the individual departments and units across campus. Information Technology Services (ITS) works to backup mission critical facets required by the University to function.

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