CUR: Printing Transition Frequently Asked Questions

General Q&A

Q: How do I order items within the LSU Business System?

A: Official LSU Business System items must be ordered from the Louisiana Office of State Printing. This includes official LSU Letterhead, Envelopes, Business Cards, Memo Pads & Note Cards. Please visit the Purchasing Web site for details on this procedure.

Q: How do I order other kinds of printing?

A: Standard Purchasing Procedures must be followed, as detailed on the Purchasing Web Site.

Q: How do I determine the cost of my printing project, so that purchasing limits are not exceeded?

A: Departments should provide detailed and complete specifications to a vendor and request a quotation. Printing Quotation Request Tips.  You may also view the price list on the Purchasing Web Site

Q: Do I need approval from the Office of Communications & University Relations on my artwork before sending it to a printer?

A: University Relations must approve all strategic, reputation-defining materials using the LSU mark, in accordance with PS-10. Reputation-defining materials include, but are not limited to: student, faculty, and staff recruitment; fundraising or donor communication pieces; any communication targeted to chancellors, provosts, deans, or other key decision makers; magazines; annual reports, and newsletters distributed to an external audience.  

Submit a .PDF of the artwork to, noting the timelines below:

  • Allow CUR 2 to 3 Days to review jobs no longer than 1 Page.

  • Allow CUR 8 Days to review jobs up to 12 Pages.

  • Contact CUR for a timeline for review of jobs longer than 12 Pages.

  • Requestors should give themselves 24-48 Hours to make changes based on CUR feedback.

  • Requestors should submit a .PDF file of the artwork, along with information about the intended audience, purpose of publication, due dates, and service provider.

For questions about this process, please contact University Relations at

Q: Can I expect the same turnaround from a vendor that Printing Services provided?

A: Every vendor is different. Ask for a specific delivery date within all printing quotation requests.

Q: How do I determine the best vendor for my job?

A: All vendors have different Equipment, Capabilities, and Services; they also all have different limitations. The same vendor that prints oversize posters may not be the best choice for an annual report.

General Tips:

  1. Provide detailed and complete specifications. (Printing Quotation Request Tips)

  2. Provide samples of past projects.

  3. Ask vendors for samples of work and references.

  4. Don’t make assumptions. Communicate all the details at the time of your order.

  5. Be open to using different vendors for different kinds of projects; most are not a “one-stop shop”.

  6. Use this questionnaire to get more detailed information about prospective vendors.

  7. Make sure that the vendor is familiar with the LSU Brand Identity Standards, available online.

Q: Are there any resources for printing remaining on campus?

A: At this time, the following sites on-campus offer limited services:

LSU Copy & Print  (225-578-2003, ext. 1 •

  • Accommodates Sizes up to 11” x 17”.

  • Cardstock & Colored Paper Available.

  • Black-and-White Copies, Color Copies, Labels.

Departmental Copiers  (

  • Accommodate Sizes up to 11” x 17”.

  • Color & Black-and-White Copies.

  • Features include Stapling, Duplex Printing & Sorting.

For questions about the capabilities of your department’s equipment, please contact Suzanne Smith by phone (225-578-8301) or e-mail (

State Printing Q&A

Q: Can I use State Printing for projects other than LSU Business System stationery?

A: Yes, but each project requires that a quote be obtained and then a requisition submitted to Purchasing through PRO.

Q: Am I required to include State Printing as a vendor when bidding a print job to outside vendors?

A: No.

Q: How do I send payment to State Printing?

A: Once the print job is complete, the department will enter a receiving report in PRO. State Printing will send the invoice directly to Accounts Payable, and then payment will be issued.

Mailing Q&A

Q: Printing Services used to handle all the mailing details on our jobs. Will this process change?

A: At this time Mailing Services still oversees campus mail and use of the LSU permit. If Mailing Services is to handle the sorting, labeling, or mailing of any print project, then departments must specify that print vendors coordinate delivery to Mailing Services.

Q: Why should Mailing Services review my postcard or mailing panel?

A: Mailing Services ensures that U.S. Postal Service (USPS) standards are followed, so that LSU’s mail is not rejected due to incorrect size, improper information placement, incorrect paper weight, or other factors. Before contacting the print provider, it is best to email a PDF of the artwork to for review.

Q: Do I still use the same LSU mail permit number?

A: Yes. Regardless of where the job is printed, the only allowable non-profit permit number for LSU is 733. The printing vendor must submit a postage statement to Mailing Services prior to mailing in order to receive a control number. USPS will not mail the job without a control number.

Q: Can a print vendor handle the mailing portion of my job?

A: Yes. If you intend for a print vendor to sort, label, and/or mail a job, then those specifications must be included at the time of your quotation request. This cost cannot be separated from the printing portion of the job, and purchasing limits still apply.

Also, the vendor must submit a postage statement to Mailing Services prior to mailing. Mailing Services will issue a control number. This information is required by the U.S. Postal Services in order to process the mail. Vendors may contact Mailing Services at to make arrangements.

Determine the Process for your Print Job

Image of chart to determine the process of a print job. The chart has three top sections: one is Job mailed via mailing services, the second is Print vendor mails with LSU permit, and the third is Print vendor mails with other permit. Under the first section, when mailing a job via mailing services, the print vendor delivers directly to mailing services. Under the second section, a vendor with an LSU permit, the following will happen: The vendor provides postage statement to mailing services, mailing services issues a control number, and the resulting mail must be delivered to baton rouge USPS on blue bonnet. In the third section, a vendor with a different permit, the following will happen: vendor completes USPS form 3623 and submits to purchasing for approval, and total cost must include postage to determine bid requirements.

Billing Q&A

Q: How will I pay the vendors for printing services?

A: Contact your department’s business manager for guidelines.

Q: Is it necessary to fill out credit applications to use a vendor?

A: No. If a vendor requests your department to do so, please contact Accounts Payable for assistance.

Q: Do vendors need to enroll with the Office of Purchasing?

A: Please see the chart below to determine vendor enrollment guidelines. When applicable, please direct vendors to enroll via online form.


Purchase Order Required?

Vendor Enrollment Required?

Method of Payment

< $5,000         



Procurement Card (spending limits apply) 

< $5,000  




> $5,000




Miscellaneous Q&A

Q: Printing Services used to store materials for us. Will another vendor do that, as well?

A: Free storage from Printing Services is no longer available. Vendors are likely to incur charges for storage and separate deliveries. Please make storage and delivery inquiries at the time of your printing quotation request with a vendor. Contact Tiffany Carter (; 225-578-2739) at Office of Purchasing for further guidance.

Q: How will vendors be able to deliver our orders with Easy Streets in effect?

A: Vendors must register for a parking permit and gate wand with the Office of Parking & Transportation.

Q: Are there resources available for writing print specifications?

A: Please visit the following GROK article: Printing Quotation Request Tips.

Q: Where can I order promotional items, such as table throws and T-shirts?

A:  Please refer to the LSU Licensed Products vendor list.

Q: Where can I obtain paper with the LSU Watermark?

A: Reams of letter-size paper (8.5”x11”) with the LSU watermark is available for purchase by departments only at University Stores on Skip Bertman Drive. Please note that one ream contains 500 sheets; the cost is $10.43, and is item #645058. To order, visit our showroom or email a request to

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