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NOTE: Unfortunately, Lynda at LSU has been discontinued by the STF (Student Tech Fee) committee. If you would like to submit feedback, please contact the STF committee on their website, Lynda is still available for free via the EBR Library system. For more information on their system, please see


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General Information

Lynda Campus offers over 1,600 video-based online courses for software, design, and business skills training. New courses are added every week. Software titles include Adobe Creative Suite, Flash, InDesign, Microsoft Office, Windows, and Exchange, and numerous Apple software titles. There are courses in AutoCAD and Autodesk, courses in Google products (Docs, Gmail, Analytics, Sketchup) and many courses on using social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Second Story. Business Skills courses include Leading Productive Meetings, Discovering your Strengths, Becoming a Thought Leader, and many more titles!

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Learn how this tool can help you to keep current with constantly changing technology and to increase your business skills. Watch a Video Overview of Lynda Campus.

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