VLab 2.0: Saving Files

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General Information

In VLab 2.0, you are responsible for saving your work to an appropriate location before exiting (other than the selected desktop within LSU's Virtual Lab). All work that is saved to the desktop within the Virtual Lab will be deleted upon exiting. To prevent deletion, users can save their work to a USB drive connected to their own computer or use a variety of online data services.

connect USB device option at the top bar on VLAB


Saving to a USB Drive

To save to a USB drive, connect it to the port on your machine and the Vlab client will automatically detect it. When choosing to save a file, you will see the drive listed in the Computer tab on the left side of the Save dialog box.

USB drive selected in the My Computer window 


Depending on the connection you are using for Remote Desktop, your USB drive location may appear differently as in the image below. The difference is in name only, all USB functionality remains the same.

Alternate name for USB drive location, system disposable disk


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