Software Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

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What software is available on campus?

For a complete list of commercial and free software available on TigerWare, A - Z, refer to:

Windows Software
Mac Software
Linux Software

For a complete list of the commercial software available on campus refer to: Campus Software Licensing.

For a list of software available pre-installed in the labs refer to: Software Available in the Labs.

For a list of software available in the Virtual Lab ( refer to: VLab 2.0: LSU Overview.

For a comprehensive list of all known software at the departmental licensing level, refer to: LSU A&M: Software Product Offerings. (faculty/staff access only)

  • Note that this article includes unsupported software that may need to be installed individually or on a personal device. LSU cannot support such software; if directed to use it, please reach out to the relevant faculty or staff member for further help.

When will incoming students have access to TigerWare?

After orientation has been completed, classes registered for and payment of fee bill has been received by the University Bursar's Office.

When will a new LSU employee gain access to TigerWare?

After the paperwork becomes current with LSU Human Resources.

What is OnTheHub?

OnTheHub is a software online retailer that companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and VMWare have partnered with to provide digital downloads of commercial software and educational discounts.  

The following software is provided by OnTheHub:

Free Software:

Microsoft Office and Windows 10 for students provided under the Microsoft Campus Agreement.

VMWare for Faculty, Staff & Students.

Educational Discounted Software:

Adobe software provided by the Adobe CLP agreement with LSU.





How do I access Adobe software / buy with an educational discount?

For most institutional computers, Adobe software can be accessed under LSU's campus agreement with Adobe at no cost. For eligibility and further information, please see the following article: Adobe Creative Cloud: LSU Overview.

For other cases not covered by the campus license, Adobe software can be purchased under LSU's CLP agreement with Adobe by going to CDW Premium Page - LSU. Be sure to browse for the software and to not use the search function since searching removes the educational discount. When purchasing for CDWG make sure you buy a license to the product, not just the media or maintenance (upgrades to software). Recommended purchasing options include media + license + maintenance (if you want new versions when they come out). If in doubt check with our rep at CDWG whose contact information is found at the bottom of the CDWG page.

Adobe software for personal use can be purchased from

How can I find other discounted software/offers?

Please see the following links to browse the discounts available to LSU as a whole:

Requests for Unsupported/EOL/EOS Software

In the event you receive a support incident request for unsupported or EOL software (e.g. Windows 7, outdated builds of ESRI applications, etc) please ask the following questions:

  1. Why is Windows 7 required?
  2. How many machines will have Windows 7 installed?
  3. Will the machine be connected to the network? If so, will it have a private or public IP address?
  4. What is the departmental plan to decommission Windows 7 machines?


The incident can now be reassigned to Security Operations who will make the final call on approval.

If approved, the request will be sent back to Software Licensing at which point you may provide the application. 

If declined, the request will be closed by SecOps.

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