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General Information

LC ISO Creator is a portable Free ISO Maker software that allows a user to make an ISO image directly from any disk CD or DVD that is inserted in the client computer's CD/DVD-ROM drive. This tool makes for a great portable utility because the user can backup a CD or DVD disk to a storable ISO file which can later be burned back to another CD or DVD.

Pre-Installation Notes

System Requirements: ONLY Runs on Windows 2000 & Windows XP.

Download & Install

Download LC ISO Creator from Lucersoft.

Create an ISO File

1. Open LC ISO Creator.

2. Select the Drive from which you want to create the ISO File.

3. Click the Create ISO button.

4. Select the Directory where you wish to save the file.

5. Your ISO file will be created depending on your drive speed.

Training & Support

Create Disk Images of Your USB Devices

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10/11/2023 11:42:23 AM