Nook: Connecting to eduroam

This article is on how to connect your Nook Tablet to eduroam. Note: These instructions will also work on the Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch.

To Connect Your Nook Device to the eduroam Network:

1. Select the Nook Button.

The Nook Tablet

2. Select Settings.

The Nook Tablet Home screen with settings button at the bottom

3. Select Wireless.

Nook Tablet Settings Screen with wireless selected

4. Select eduroam.

Nook Tablet Wireless Settings with eduroam selected

5. Enter your myLSU account ID and password and select Connect at the bottom. You will then be connected to eduroam.

NOTE: Enter your myLSU credentials in the form <myLSU ID> If you do not do this, you WILL receive an error message.

Nook tablet "Join Wifi network" page


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