myLSU Portal: IMS/TSO Account Request


If you are using a mobile device to access the myLSU portal, you may need to rotate your phone to landscape mode to access the menu.


How to Access IMS/TSO Account Requests:

1. Log into myLSU.

2. On the left hand side panel, expand Computing Services and click IMS/TSO Account Request.

IMS/TSO Account Request link under Computing Services

3. Fill out the information and click Submit Request

IMS/TSO Account Request page


How to Acquire Budget Code

1. Login to myLSU.

2. Underneath the Financial Services dropdown on the left hand side, click on Financial Data Model (FDM) Translation.

Financial Services dropdown showing Financial Data Model (FDM) Translation tab


3. A new window should pop up. Click on the Reverse Translation Lookup tab.

Reverse Translation Lookup tab


4. In the Code Type section, click on the dropdown arrow and select the type of code you are using to search.

Code type drop down


5. Enter your code in the Code Value section or click on the ellipsis to search for the code, then select it from the list.

Code value section


Code value section code table


6. The Legacy code will show up under the Reverse Lookup section in Code Value.

Legacy code under the Reverse Lookup section in Code Value

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