Moodle: Wiris Quizzes


Wiris Quizzes is a question bank integration that adds new question types that can be selected when creating questions. This type of question can be set up to calculate answers according to an algorithm determined by the user. The Wiris question types are separated from the standard Moodle question types and distinguished by an orange icon.

Add a question type dialogue box showing WIRIS Quizzes question types


Note that even though each type is labeled with the word "science," they can be used for any subject matter.

These questions are created in the same way as other Moodle question types, by adding questions to the question bank. When a user creates a Wiris Quizzes question, they can apply advanced functionalities depending on the question type. These include:

  1. Randomization of variables, numbers, and various parameters (any question type)
  2. Automatic grading (multiple-choice, short answer, true-false, matching, cloze)
  3. Customized feedback (all question types)
  4. Tracking units and currencies (short answer and cloze)
  5. Expansive validation methods, including tolerance, representation, and precision (short answer and cloze)
  6. A formula editor for student responses (essay, short answer, cloze)
  7. Graphical representation in questions (essay, short answer, cloze, matching, multiple-choice)

These behaviors can be applied to either the question text or the expected answers from students, or both. For an overview of these and other functionalities, see Wiris documentation What is Wiris Quizzes?. For a thorough explanation of each question type, see Wiris documentation for Question Types.

Using the Wiris Quizzes Studio

The additional Wiris Quizzes mathematical components are applied by constructing an algorithm when creating certain question types. This algorithm is edited in the Wiris Quizzes Studio, which is available in the question settings. Where the icon for the studio appears depends on the question type. For example, in a short answer question setup, the icon appears under Answers.

Wiris Quizzes Studio icon in settings for a short answer question


Clicking on this icon will open the studio, which will allow you to customize the correct answer, validation methods, and variables. Available options vary among question types. For an in-depth look at using Wiris Quizzes Studio, see the following Wiris documentation:

More Information

Wiris Quizzes offers users several advanced options for creating questions, and the best way to figure out how to use them is to study the example Wiris has provided in documentation. Read through the following articles to discover specific features and capabilities for math and science questions that instructors might find useful.

There are several more articles that may be helpful, so be sure to search the Wiris Quizzes site.

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