FAQs: Review and Approval for Acquisition of Software and Digital Resources (IT100) for LSU A&M

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Who reviews/approves the IT100 and why?

The IT100 is reviewed by three different groups: Data Governance, ITS Security, and the Digital Resource and Content Committee (DRC). These groups analyze the potential data involved, security risks related to use of the software, and compliance with accessibility standards.

Is IT100 approval required for purchases made by LaCarte card?

Yes, the IT100 approval is required for all methods of procurement for any of the following spend categories:

  • Digital books
  • Digital periodicals
  • Online subscriptions
  • Software and licenses
Is IT100 approval required for digital subscriptions?

Yes, the IT100 is required for digital subscriptions, including items that provide the ability for end users to obtain cloud or local-based access to articles or data. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • New York Times subscription
  • Wall Street Journal subscription
  • Prolific subscription
  • MTurk subscription
Is IT100 approval needed for an open source/freeware?

Please review section B.1.a for more information at this link: PS-121-ST-3 Applications Acceptable Use.pdf

Do I have to submit an IT100 every year? What do I need to do if I have a multi-year purchase?

Yes, the IT100 is required annually. Many times, the process is quicker in subsequent years as the software has already been vetted. On average, the process takes three days from inception to approval.

The IT100 form allows you to indicate that your acquisition spans multiple years; it also allows you to specify which year you are currently seeking to renew. If approved, a PDF will be generated that includes the pertinent information that your procurement mechanism requires to process payment. It is recommended that you submit an IT100 each year to ensure there is no security, data, or ADA concerns. The review process should have a rapid turnaround once the product has been submitted for review once.

Why does the DRC need to review software purchases?

The Digital Resource and Content Committee reviews requests to ensure compliance with accessibility standards. Visit ADA Compliance for more information regarding compliance.

How would I know if ITS resources are needed for a purchase?

The fundamental drivers for this process are information security, protection of university data, and ensuring LSU is using software products that meet accessibility standards.

This process helps ensure that LSU funds are used as efficiently as possible.

This process helps ensure that duplication of software purchases is eliminated when and where possible. The university must comply with all applicable State and Federal regulations.

This process allows LSU to review software needs that exist across campus and may present opportunities to leverage economies of scale at a campus level rather than an individual or department level.

An overview of the process can be found in the following article: LSU Overview: Process for Acquisition of Software and Digital Resources (IT100) for LSU A&M. The step-by-step process guide can be found here, and the acquisition request can be found here.

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