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In some cases, survey reports may not provide the results directly on the website due to issues with the data. This article provides additional information on what happens in these cases and what can be done to access the data.

To Troubleshoot Survey Reports Not Appearing:

This issue may happen for a few different reasons, so the right option to resolve it can be within one of a few solutions.

  1. The first issue is that the data you are trying to view is too large to be displayed in the Data & Reports window. This can happen when you receive several hundred responses or more and is due to a limitation in the web page's resources. To view this data, please export it in the Legacy format and look in the Data tab of the exported file to access your data.
  2. The next problem you may encounter is data formatted incorrectly which causes it to not be available to view due to the wrong format. If you have not configured your Report Display Logic yet, the Display Logic allows you to specify who is able to see certain data in the reports. If it is formatted incorrectly, your data may have dashes in the report causing it not to display correctly on the Data & Reports page. For more information and to check if you have configured this correctly, please see: Qualtrics Support: Reports and Display Logic
  3. Another issue that may be occuring is no results for a certain choice in a survey that clearly appeared in the individual responses. Make sure that answer choice has not been Excluded From Reporting (it's a checkmark in the drop-down next to choices). Could it be that a choice or choices have been excluded from your reports?
    Here are some things to look for in this one:
    • When you are in your Report tab, on the left side of the screen where you see your questions, have you selected the question to enable it to show?
    • When you hover over the question number, a checkbox should show up. Is that box checked? If not, it must be checked for the result to show in your Reports.


If you have tried the solutions above and are still having issues getting your Reports to show, please send in a support ticket along with your Survey link via the following form: LSU IT Services: Qualtrics Troubleshooting. We can then further troubleshoot or reach out to Qualtrics Support on your behalf as needed for a more in depth solution.


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