LSU Alumni: Helpful Links


Important Links in the myLSU Portal for LSU Alumni

NOTE: If you are an alumnus that is also part of the faculty or staff, you should also have the links that are generated by your University profile (e.g., the Library Resources, Employee Resources, and Instructional Support sections).

Desktop Links

  • Mail -  To access your web mail services.

Personal Preferences

  • Directory Information –   To change your address or information with LSU. Also determines who can access your information.
  • LSU Email -  To change how LSU handles your e-mail account.
  • Password Management –   To change your password for your MyLSU Account ID, Mainframe, TigerMail OR LSUMail Account.

Directory Information

  • LSU Directory –   Look up Faculty, Staff and Students on LSU Campus.

Campus Community

  • Compliance Certification -  Gives you access the LSU Compliance Certification in the .pdf and .html format.
  • Ride Share -  Gives you access to campus-based commuter program information.
  • Ticket Exchange -  Gives you access to the LSU athletic events ticket exchange program.

Registration Services

Student Services


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