Degree Audit: LSU Overview

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General Information

1. A Degree Audit analyzes how a student's courses apply to a unique degree program. The degree program is defined by a major and a catalog year. In some cases, an area of concentration further identifies the degree program. Declared minors are also included in the report.

  • NOTE: Graduate programs do not have Degree Audits.

2. A Transcript is an official document with a limit to the number you can print without cost. See more about Requesting an LSU Transcript. (Students cannot e-mail their LSU transcripts to email addresses on the domain.)

  • You can print a College Record when you do not need an official copy. It contains the same information and is always FREE.

Access your Degree Audit

1. Log into the myLSU Portal. (

2. Select Student Services, then choose Degree Audit.

3. Select your Classification. (LSU, LSU Law Center, or LSU Vet)

4. Click View Current Degree Audit.

(View detailed instructions.)

Degree Audit Requirements

An understanding of the structure and symbols used on the degree audit report is important for accurate interpretation. Each degree program is comprised of a set of requirements. The requirements are generally in the following order:

  • University/College Hours
  • General Education Requirements
  • College Core Requirements
  • Major Requirements
  • Electives

Each Requirement is then divided into "sub-requirements" which provide logical groupings of required courses. For example, a general education requirement may have six sub-requirements representing each of the major areas: English composition, analytical reasoning, arts, humanities, natural science, and social science.

For sub-requirements checking specific courses, a list of acceptable courses is normally provided if the sub-requirement is not completed. The student's courses that have been used to meet the requirement are also listed. A summary of the number of hours and/or courses completed, needed, and enrolled are also indicated.

The quickest means of interpreting the degree audit report is to utilize the symbols that indicate the status of each requirement and sub-requirement. These symbols are outlined below:

Grey check mark  Requirement/Sub-requirement Completed
Red x mark  Requirement/Sub-requirement Not Met
Yellow dot  Requirement/Sub-requirement In Progress

Additional Resources

Questions concerning a degree audit report should be directed to the office of the dean offering the degree program. An official copy of a report can also be obtained from the dean's office. The copy available via myLSU is unofficial.

If you are considering changing your major or are confused about career choices, Career Services can help. For career assessments, counseling, and up-to-date information, call 578-1548 or visit Career Services online at


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