BlackBerry: Password Protection

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Your Blackberry contains your personal information, e-mail, contacts, and calendar. To prevent this information from being accessible if your Blackberry device is lost, stolen, or left unattended, you can set your Blackberry to lock after a specified period of inactivity. You will then be able to use a password to unlock the device and resume usage.

To Set Your Blackberry Timeout and Password:

1. Select Options | Security.

2. Next to Password, highlight Disable. Click the trackwheel.

3. Select Change Options | Enable.

4. Enter your password. The password must be at least 4 and no more than 14 characters. It cannot be a consecutive string of characters or a repetition of the same character. Press Enter, then re-enter the password to verify.

5. Next to Security Timeout, highlight the time displayed and click the trackwheel.

6. Select Change Option, then choose how long you want your Blackberry to remain inactive before it locks.

7. Press Escape to exit the Security screen.

8. Click Yes to save your changes.

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