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Why Do I Have To Show My ID? A student's information is readily available to them through their myLSU account. Access to myLSU account is controlled by a password. If the password is shared with someone else or someone else somehow becomes aware of the password, that other person could potentially: Sign on to myLSU...
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Category: Password Management

This article discusses the policy about mainframe accounts when an employee leaves LSU. If an employee leaves LSU, and the account is inactive for a period of 60 days, the account will be set to a status of SUSPEND . When an employee is no longer in HRM as an active employee, their log on ID...
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Category: Retention, Policies & Eligibility

myLSU Password Security Levels The Security Level of your myLSU Password will determine how often you will be REQUIRED to change it. This is also referred to as the Password Strength . The myLSU Account Password MUST be changed periodically: ...
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Legislation and Confidentiality of Records The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) The F amily E...
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