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Setting the default operating system in Windows using Boot Camp is significantly different from the directions in Mac OS X. However, choosing the default operating system will allow users to choose which operating system to boot upon start up without going through menus and restarts. 1. First, users should look for the Boot Camp...
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Mac OS X: Boot Camp Troubleshooting Boot Camp is used to run the Windows Operating System on a Mac computer. Occasionally, users will experience problems installing or running Boot Camp. This article will cover the several methods of troubleshooting available for Boot Camp. The most common and useful method is simply accessing the Apple support site located...
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General Information Boot Camp is software included with OS X so you can run compatible versions of Microsoft Windows on an Intel-based Mac. You can run the Windows operating system on your Mac at native...
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Mac OS X: Boot Camp Additional Troubleshooting A common problem users may encounter using Boot Camp deals with disk partitions. In order to install Windows using Boot Camp Assistant, the disk musk be a single partition formatted as a Mac OS X Extended volume. Additionally, Boot Camp only works with internal disks, so installing Windows on an external...
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How to Clear Cached/Saved Credentials on MacOS (10.8+) Keychain Access, found in the Utilities application folder, is a tool that allows the user to save credentials in a secure cache, eliminating the need to remember dozens of usernames and passwords. To clear the cache of saved credentials, follow the instructions...
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