Adobe Connect: End of Life Cycle

End of Adobe Connect Life Cycle: Overview

At LSU Information Technology Services, we strive to provide excellent and valued services and support to enable LSU to best reach its missions in teaching and learning, research, and student life. As we strive to be a recognized national leader, we are always evaluating and assessing our current systems and their ability to adequately meet the needs of the LSU community. With recent assentment and research, LSU ITS is now moving away from Adobe Connect to a new web conferencing system, WebEx starting on August 1st. For more information on WebEx, please view: WebEx: LSU Overview.


The timeline for the end of the Adobe Connect life cycle is as follows: 

  • Adobe Connect will be available for LSU users through the end of July 31st. 
    • Note: LSU Online users in the 2nd Summer module will retain access through August 22, 2015, in order to avoid any disruption of service during an on-going semester.
  • WebEx will be available to all LSU faculty/staff and students starting on August 1st. 
    • Note: In preparation for the fall semester, LSU faculty can refer to the Digital Media Quick Reference Guide for information regarding which systems and services are available.

What to expect

On August 1, 2015, LSU users will no longer have access to the Adobe Connect web portal (with the exception of specific LSU Online users, as mentioned above).  While no information will be lost during this migration, ITS recommends that users download any content that may be needed for immediate re-use in the upcoming semester and that is desired for permanent retention purposes.  Users must download information for personal or immediate use prior to August 1, 2015.  Please see the article on downloading an Adobe Connect recording for more information.  All content currently housed in Adobe Connect will be transitioned to new, in-house storage over the course of the Fall semester, but user-requests for this data may be delayed during this process. 

ITS is has the following GROK documentation for WebEx.  This documentation highlights the main features and provide user-case scenarios for the new web conferencing system.  The LSU Faculty Technology Center and the ITS Help Desk are both available to assist users throughout this transition.


For more information regarding the Adobe Connect life cycle end, please contact the Faculty Technology Center.

Faculty Technology Center - Location, Hours & Contact Information

109 Middleton Library (1st Floor by CC's Coffee)
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Phone:        (225) 578-3375

10/6/2015 10:30:10 AM  

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