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General Information

Departments on LSU's campus have to abide by LSU policies, and various State and Federal laws and regulations. Departments may also be required to comply with industry regulations (e.g., Payment Card Industry) or contractual obligations for research and/or collaboration. 

There are various challenges that may be encountered while determining the level of compliance. The IT Security and Policy Office can assist each department to determine the compliance level, as it relates to IT and IT Security, of their environment through a Security Review upon the request of the department. The Security Review is conducted by a team of Analysts working for the IT Security and Policy Office.

Items Reviewed & Assessed

The reviews include various topics related to IT systems, applications, network, management, and security including, but not limited to,

  • Active Directory Use & Administration through Group Policy
  • Endpoint Management Review
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Analysis of Departmental Servers
  • Physical Security
  • Department policies and processes

Request Security Review

If you would like to engage LSU's IT Security Team for such a review, please contact us at

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