LSU Red Hat: Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Pre-Installation Instructions

    Burn the iso.dvd file to a DVD using an image burning program.

Windows users can refer to Burning CDs/DVDs from ISO in Windows: LSU Overview to burn an .iso.

Mac users are encouraged to use the Disk Utility program. Support for Disk Utility can be found here

Installation Instructions 

1. Boot to the installation disc and choose the first option "Install or Upgrade an existing system".

 installation start up screeb. Displays options for installation method

2. If desired, your disc can be tested before the installation begins. However, this is optional. To continue with the installation choose "Skip".

disk testing option tab. Displays option to test media.


3. Click "Next". 

installation tab. select next.


4. Select your language of choice and click "Next".

language options tab. Choose your language of choice.


5. Choose "Basic Storage Devices" and click "Next".

 storage type tab. Choose basic storage device, or specialized storage devices.


6. Hostname information can be entered in the box if you have this information present. If you do not know your hostname, leave the default hostname "localhost.localdomain" alone. This information can be edited after the installation is complete. Click "Next". 

 hostname selection tab. Choose a local Hostname.


7. Select your time zone. 

 time zone option tab. Choose your appropriate timezone.

8. Enter a custom root password. 

password selection page. Enter a custom root password.


9. For users making a fresh install of Red Hat on their computer, select the "Use All Space" option and click, "Next". 

 installation type tab. Choose type of installation.


10. If you know which of the software sets you would like to install, choose them now. For most users, The Desktop option is recommended. Click "Next".

type of install tab . Choose which type of install ie. desktop, minimal, web devel, to choose from.


11. The installation will now take place. This may take a few minutes. Once it is complete you will be prompted to reboot your system. 

 installation success tab. The installation is now complete.

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