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General Information

The Geaux Box is a discount program offered by Cox Communications.  It provides Cox High-Speed Internet Preferred Tier (or higher) service at a special discounted rate.


Available To:  LSU Baton Rouge Campus & LSU Health Science Center.  All Current Faculty, Staff & Students can activate the discount.  (Only locations serviceable by Cox Louisiana are eligible for the Geaux Box discount.) 


  • LSU Residential Life Students ALREADY HAVE ACCESS to the internet through the LSU Network (eduroam) and DO NOT need to apply for this discount.
  • Gigablast packages are NOT eligible for the discount. 


Request the Discount

Activate your Cox Geaux Box Discount.

Health Science Center - Geaux Box Discount Site.

For additional assistance, stop by any Cox Retail Kiosk located in New Orleans area.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much of a discount does the Geaux Box discount provide?

The Geaux Box offers 28% off the regular rate for Cox High-Speed Internet service for 24 months. A Cox compliant modem will also be needed, and customers will have the option to purchase their own modem or purchase or rent a Gateway (modem/router combo) from Cox.

2. How many e-mail addresses can I receive with the Cox using the Geaux Box Discount?

As with all Cox High-Speed Internet services, Geaux Box customers have access to 10 e-mail addresses.

3. What is the price of installation?

There are 2 options for installation:

1. Free Self-Install:  The Cox Self Install Package includes a Welcome kit, jumper cables, and a 2-way splitter. The Cox Self-Install Kit is available at any Cox retail store.

2. Professional Install:  The installation is free and will be professionally installed by a Cox Communications Technician.

4. What should I do if I am an existing Cox High-Speed Internet Customer?

Visit to Activate your Cox Discount. You may use the same cable modem as long as it is a cox approved/compatible modem. You may also keep your current email addresses. *If you are a current Cox customer and have issues adding this discount online, please follow the directions below for renewing the discount. 

5. How do I renew my discount?

Visit any Cox location, with your Tiger card and they, will be able to assist you in renewing your discount. Alternatively, you may contact the Cox Sales Division and request for them to renew your discount at 855-761-6063. 

NOTE: When calling the (855) number, please request for the Cox Sales Division to be routed to them.

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