Faculty Data Storage: Connect to your Data (Windows)

General Information

For Windows computers that are members of the campus Active Directory, Tenure Track Faculty will automatically have easy access to their data folder. Tenure Track Faculty PCs will automatically map the drive letter R to \\clients.storage.lsu.edu\research\%username%.

Note: If the faculty member has just been designated as a Tenure Track Faculty member or if the faculty member is new, they may need to log out of their PC and then log back in to see the folder. If they still do not see the folder, they will need to contact the ITS Service Desk.

For Windows computers connected to the LSU campus network that are not members of the campus Active Directory, perform the steps below.

Windows Versions

  • Windows 8-10

1. Open Windows Explorer. (Press the [Start Key] + E)

2. Right-click anywhere in the blank area below the listed Devices and Drives, Network Locations, and Folders.

3. Select Add a Network Location... and go through the Wizard:

  • Click Next. (Located on the Summary screen.)
  • Select Choose a Custom Network Location.
  • Click Next.
  • Type the following information into the address bar of a web browser and click Next:
    • \\research.storage.lsu.edu\research\[MyLSU username]
  • Type a Name for the Location, then click Next.
  • Review the information and click Finish.
  • The share will display under Network Locations in Windows Explorer.
  • Windows 7

1. Click the Start button. (Located in the lower left hand corner of the desktop screen.)

2. Right-click the Computer icon.

3. Select Map Network Drive… and enter the following information:

  • Select a drive letter R for the Drive field.
  • Type the following in the Folder field:
    • \\research.storage.lsu.edu\research\[MyLSU username]
  • Select the check box for the following option:
    • Connect using a Different User Name.

4. Click Finish. (Located on the Map Network Drive screen.)

5. Enter your myLSU Username & Password. (Located on the Windows Security screen.)

  • Note: If this does not work, please add LSU\ to the left of your username. Make sure to use the correct backslash.

6. Click OK.

To Access Faculty Storage from Windows Explorer:

1. Click the Start button.

2. In the search field type: //research.storage.lsu.edu/research/[MyLSU username]

  • Note: If you are on a Windows machine that is not part of the lsu.edu Active Directory, you will be prompted to submit your myLSU username and password. If you cannot login, add LSU\ to the left of your username.

3. Once the Windows Explorer window opens, you can drag and drop files to the network storage.

4. Once you are done copying files, simply close the window to end the connection.

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