Panopto: (Windows) Basic Recording

Logging in on the Panopto Recording:

Before you can begin recording sessions with Panopto, you will need to log in. To log in: 

1. Launch the Panopto Recorder on your computer.

2. You will be taken to a login screen. If you need to add a new site address to connect to, enter and select Add site. Then, click Sign in.

panopto sign in app page


3. You'll then be asked to continue in your web browser. First you'll need to enter your myLSU credentials and click Login. If you've entered them correctly, you may be prompted by your browser to open the Panopto application once again. Allow the browser to open the application.

panopto browser login and opening application


4. You are now logged in the Panopto server and are ready to begin recording. 

Windows Panopto Recorder home screen


Recording Basics With Panopto: Windows

To begin recording with the Panopto Windows Recorder: 

1. First you must select a folder to record your video to. Select the blue button which is located on the upper right side of the Panopto Recorder Window to view a list of all your folders. 

NOTE: Once you select your folder name, your recording will automatically upload to this folder after the recording is completed. 

Choosing Folder in Panopto Windows Recorder


2. Select Add New Session.

Add New Session button in Windows Recorder


3. Give your session a name.

NOTE: By default, sessions are named by the date and time they are recorded. ITS recommends naming your recording for future viewing. 

 Renaming a Session on Panopto Windows Recorder


4. Choose a Primary Input for Video and Audio and Quality. NOTE: If left blank, problems may occur during upload.

Primary Source for Video and Audio Selection fieldbox


5. Select additional video sources, such as your screen or/and PowerPoint presentation. NOTE: PowerPoint presentations must be launched in full screen presentation mode.

Secondary Sources fieldbox and the add another video source button

NOTE: You can adjust the resolution and other settings below the Video Screen as well.

Video resolution options


6. Click the red Record button to begin recording. After recording starts, the record button changes to Stop and Pause and pause buttons. To pause your recording, select the Pause button. To stop recording, select the Stop button. 

  Red record button, along with play, stop, and pause buttons


7. After recording, the recording status page will appear with information on file. The option to upload and delete sessions is here.

Recording Status of the session in Panopto


Referenced from: Panopto Support

1/9/2024 3:12:08 PM