LSU Library: Discovery

To Use Discovery through the LSU Library:

1. Go to the LSU Libraries website.

2. Click the Discovery tab at the top left of the screen.

the discovery tab

3. From here you can search the library for books and other resources. You can search by Keyword, Author, or Title. You can condense your search by limiting the search to Print books, E-books, or Peer Reviewed articles.

To access Discovery from the Research drop down menu:

1. Click the Research drop down menu, and then select the Discovery option.

the research drop down menu with the discovery option highlighted

2. On this page you can do a basic search and select your search options. To do a basic search, make sure the Basic search option is selected. You can change your search options by clicking the Search Options drop down menu.

the lsu discovery window with search options drop down menu and the basic search option highlighted

3. You can also do an Advanced search by selecting the Advanced Search link.

the advanced search option

4. You will be directed to the Advanced Search Window. From here you can search for multiple things at once by typing in the options you are searching for in the 3 separate search bars.

the advanced search window


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