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LSU phone system has many features to offer the faculty and staff. These features make using the system faster and easier. ** These instructions are for single line phones. ** System Features: Automatic Callback: If you have dialed an extension number and reach a busy signal.
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General Information The phones on LSU's campus use special commands to access the phone features: Call Forwarding, Call Pickup, Call Hold / Call Waiting, Caller ID Block, Data Privacy, Last Number Dialed, and Send-all-Calls to Voicemail. ...
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Phone Signal Chart One short tone Your call is going to a coverage point. One short ring or one soft...
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Phone Symbols: The information provided below is cited from North Dakota State University Telecommunications and Emergency Support Technologies: Dial Tone: A continuous steady tone you can dial. Confirmation Tone : Three short tones- actions accepted, proceed. Reorder...
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This feature forwards phone calls to another campus phone if your line is busy or if your phone call isn't answered by the third ring. To activate your call forwarding, follow the instructions below. Activating Call Forwarding: 1. Get dial tone, dial *3 . 2. Hear dial tone again.
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Speed Dial Capacity Maximum # of Speed Dial Entries for the Avaya 2410 Phone: 48 Maximum # of Speed Dial Entries for the Avaya 2420 Phone: 104 Speed Dial Video...
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Video Tutorial How to Label a Button? *Digital phones can be programmed with appearances of your own phone line, or of someone else’s if you need to be able to answer their calls and/or see if they are on the phone. They can also...
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Video Tutorial How to Place a Call on Hold? Steps 1. While on a call, press the red hold button. 2. You will see the icon change on the screen,...
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Avaya 2400: Transfer a Call Video Tutorial ...
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The following is a step-by-step guide for using the call forwarding feature of an Avaya 9611 telephone. Call Forwarding All Calls: 1. Pick up the phone 2. Listen for the dial tone 3. Dial *2 4. Dial 5-Digit Extension Number 5. Hang up the...
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