DHCP: LSU Overview

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General Information

According to Microsoft, the "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) automates the assignment of IP addresses, subnet masks, cleared for copywritdefault gateway, and other IP parameters". This allows the administrators of a large network, such as LSU, to quickly and centrally make changes to the IP network. With an impending network redesign in store, the Networking & Infrastructure (NI) department of Information Technology Services has decided to move toward a campus-wide DHCP standard.

What Does This Mean to Me? Located Here on the LSU Campus? 

Campus-wide: All machines on the LSU campus will be configured via DHCP. The servers, printers, etc. that need static addresses will still be configured via DHCP, but will have a static reservation that ensures the issuance of the same IP for every renewal. Exceptions to this rule are allowed for devices with no DHCP client available and will be handled case by case.

Registration for static DHCP reservations is very similar to registration for dynamic DHCP via the Device Registration Portal. Administrators belonging to the LSU Network Contacts Active Directory group will be allowed to log into an application (http://lsu-bam.lsu.edu) to register devices. If you do not have an administrative group for your department, please create a UNI Service Request indicating your need to have one created. The departments that already have a group created should check the integrity of the membership. Please keep in mind that students will not be able to access this application even if they are a member of the Network Contacts group.

Hints & Tips

Note: To check the current IP settings, see the following category: Getting your IP Address.

  • You will be allowed 5 device registrations processed through the Device Registration Portal.

  • You will essentially be in control of your names, and you are equally responsible for those names. Dynamic DHCP will create DNS entries for your hostname + lsu.edu if the hostname is unique on the LSU network.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I reserve an IP through DHCP via the BlueCat Address Management application?

  • How do I get added to the TSP group?

    • Send a request to helpdesk@lsu.edu.

  • When do I have to have my devices moved to DHCP?

    • The absolute deadline is the day your subnet is readdressed.

  • What if I have multiple IPs for one machine?

    • Please see the bottom of the GROK article linked above.

    • As of now, multiple IPs need direct attention.

  • How do I get more information about using the BlueCat Address Manager?

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