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General Information

A Domain Name Server contains information that is part of the Domain Name Service (DNS) distributed database, which makes computer names available to client programs querying for name resolution on the Internet. Domain Name Servers are computers that run a program called BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) which relates decimal internet addresses to names which computer users can easily remember.

The continued growth of the LSU Data Network calls for greater distribution of Domain Name Service. In an effort to make the LSU Data Network more redundant, the Office of Telecommunications has distributed the DNS load among four computers. The table below contains the current campus DNS servers.

Important Notes

The and Addresses NO LONGER provide DNS functionality. These two machines, however, continue to serve as WINS Servers.

The LSU WINS Servers are: &

DHCP Users DO NOT need to configure their DNS information on their computer(s). The DHCP Server will issue the DNS information to the computer dynamically when it issues its TCP/IP Address.** 

  TCP/IP Address Range   DNS Servers (listed in order) through

Helpful DNS Links

University Networking & Infrastructure Website:   LSU Office of Telecommunications

University Networking & Infrastructure On-line Documentation Portal:

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