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General Information

The myLSU Portal is a Web Portal for LSU Students, Faculty, and Staff to consolidate campus services in one dashboard.
For LSU Online Students, the link to the myLSU portal will be different. Both Staff and LSU Online students may access the alternate portal through this link: 

Portal Applications

myLSU Portal Applications: Student Overview
Basic Features & How To's on the myLSU Portal

Helpful Links

How to Pay a Fee Bill
How to Apply for On-Campus Housing
How to Access a Degree Audit
How to Check Undergraduate Application Status

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I am having trouble getting the myLSU Portal to open.

A:  The myLSU Portal is a web-based application and may work better in some browsers than others.  We recommend the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  For more information, please review the ITS Web Browser Recommendations.  Authentication is done through your myLSU ID & myLSU Password, view more information on the myLSU ID (Account). If you continue to have trouble logging into or viewing the myLSU Portal, contact the LSU Service Desk at 225-578-3375 or e-mail

Q:  Can I add my event, service, or news information to the front page of the myLSU Portal?

A:  For details on guidelines and the request forms, see myLSU Portal: Submitting an Ad or myLSU Portal: Submitting a myNews Item.

Q:  Can I give some feedback on how to improve the portal?

A:  Yes. You can give direct feedback using the Feedback button on the front page of myLSU.  For detailed instructions, see myLSU Portal: Add Feedback

  • Also, there is a Portal Advisory Committee (PAC) that reports through the IT Infrastructure & Support Council. The PAC reviews requests for major changes to the portal including proposed integration of new and existing technologies.  To submit requests for changes to this committee, e-mail Service Desk at
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