myLSU Portal: Pay My Fee Bill


If you are using a mobile device to access the myLSU portal, you may need to rotate your phone to landscape mode to access the menu.


**NOTE**  Parents &/or Alternate Payers: To pay the Fee Bill for someone other than yourself, please use the myProxy application. Your student will still need to agree to the terms in Step 5 in the article below before you can pay their bill.

Students: Pay Your Fee Bill

1. Log into the myLSU Portal.

2. On the left hand panel, expand Registration Services, and click Fee Bill from the dropdown menu.

Fee Bill link in the middle of the Registration Services dropdown menu

3. Select the Semester and the Year in the Fee Bill window.  

4. Click the View Fee Bill button to the right of the 'Select Semester' and 'Select Year' options.

The Fee Bill dialog box with options to view bills from different semesters

5. If you have not viewed the fee bill for the current semester yet, you must agree to the terms before you can view it. You must also agree to these terms for another user (parent/guardian) to view and pay your fee bill through myProxy.

Sample of terms and conditions for fee bill


6. Your Fee Bill will display with your available Payment Options. Click the button at the bottom of the screen that corresponds with the payment method you would like to use:

  • Click Pay by Credit Card to pay the amount due with a credit card. (2.5% processing fee assessed)
  • Click Pay by Bank Draft to pay the amount due from a checking or savings account. (no processing fees)

An example fee bill

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive financial aid or veteran’s benefits and your fee bill says you owe $0, you still must click Complete Registration.

fee bill for scholarship/Financial aid receivers

Once a student has processed their fee bill, the link will no longer be active for that term. At that point, they can review their financial account by clicking Financial Services and selecting Billing Statement in the myLSU Portal.

Billing Statement under Financial Services

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