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General Information

Panopto is a video platform which includes software for recording and live streaming video, a portal for storing and managing your videos, a search engine for finding content inside your videos, and interactive video players. Panopto is a great resource for recording lectures and supplemental video tutorials to improve student learning in and outside of the classroom, and is available to active LSU faculty and staff. For more information on similar services provided by ITS for LSU faculty and staff and additional video resources for students, view the following article: Digital Media Services: LSU Overview.

Panopto has fully replaced the previous media plugin for Moodle, Kaltura. All prior videos should be available already within Panopto. If they were not, for further questions please contact

Account Eligibility

Available To:   

Participating LSU Campus Locations:  

  • Louisiana State University A&M (Baton Rouge Campus)
  • The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine

Getting Started

Panopto is available to both LSU faculty and staff either through Moodle or the LSU Panopto Web Portal

Moodle Users will be able to take advantage of the tight integration provided by the Panopto Moodle Block, which provides direct delivery of recordings to your course, easy access to managing your videos, and easy management of viewers. For instructors, this is the recommended method for using Panopto.

Non-Moodle users will use the LSU Panopto Web Portal. The main differences using the Panopto Web Portal instead of Moodle are no direct delivery of videos to your Moodle course and more management of viewers for your recordings. (Note: ITS recommends that instructors use Moodle for Panopto lecture capture and supplemental video recordings.)

The following articles show the steps to getting started for both Moodle Users and Non-Moodle Users. Please see below:

Panopto: Getting Started with Moodle

Panopto: Getting Started for Non-Moodle Users

Panopto: Panopto Video Assignments

Panopto Assignments: More Information


Installation Instructions

Note: The Panopto software is available for download via the Moodle Panopto Block if a user is using Moodle or within the LSU Panopto web portal for Non-Moodle Users. See the above Getting Started articles for instructions on downloading the Panopto Recorder. 

Windows: Panopto: (Windows) Installation Guide

Mac: Panopto: (Mac) Installation Guide


Panopto: (Windows) Basic Recording

Panopto: (Mac) Basic Recording

Managing and Editing Your Recordings

Panopto: Managing Your Recordings within Moodle 

Panopto: Managing Your Recordings via the Panopto Web Portal

Panopto: Copying Old Videos to a New Course

Panopto: Basic Editing

Panopto: Advanced Editing


Webcasting with Panopto

Panopto now allows the ability to webcast recordings over the internet or over a local network. Once you've followed the Installation Instructions for the Panopto application, you can find more information about webcasting and how to utilize it at the link below:

Panopto Webcasting



Automatic captioning is currently turned on by default, so there is no need to toggle it on. If you'd like to manually upload your own caption edits, please see the link below for information:

Panopto: Manually Upload Captions



Viewing Recordings in Moodle

Note Taking Features

Bookmarking, Rating, and Discussions

Panopto Rooms

** All Rooms need Panopto software installed.

*** Rooms requiring USB interface and its software installed

Room Status
Allen 139 Existing Canopus and Camera
Audubon 104 Existing Canopus and Camera
Dodson 100  
Himes 241 Existing Canopus and Camera
HR E130 Existing Camera - Needs USB interface
Locket B-2 Existing Canopus and Camera
Nicholson 130 Existing Camera - Needs USB interface
Tureaud 206 Existing Camera - Needs USB interface
Williams 102 Existing Camera - Needs USB interface
Williams 103 Existing Camera - Needs USB interface
Williams 202 Existing Camera - Needs USB interface
Cox Aud. Existing Camera - Needs USB interface RGB



Additional Training & Support Resources

Training with LSU's Faculty Technology Center 

Panopto Quick Start Guide

Download a Podcast with Panopto

For complete listing of available online resources, visit Panopto Support.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the Faculty Technology Center at (225) 578-3375, option 2 or email

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