Windows 10: LSU Overview

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General Information

Windows 10 is a Microsoft Operating System (OS). Along with its many similarities to Windows 7, including the re-introduction to the Start menu, Windows 10 also introduces Microsoft Edge, a new browser experience that allows users to easily share notes and opinions with others. Other features include:

  • "Multi-doing", which allows up to four things on a screen at one time.
  • A new Windows Store that will come with every Windows 10 device.
  • Built in apps that use OneDrive to sync and back up information across all Windows 10 devices.

Software License Activation

Download Windows 10 from OnTheHub
  • Independent of the LSU Network.
  • Available to Students Only.
Download Windows 10 from Tigerware
  • Available to faculty and staff.


License Activation Information

LSU Microsoft Campus License Agreement

LSU Microsoft Campus Agreement Frequently Asked Questions

Training & Support

Windows 10: New Features

Windows 10: How To's

Windows 10: FAQs

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