ProctorU Information for LSU – Baton Rouge Campus

ProctorU Information 

This page contains information about using ProctorU online proctoring services for LSU campus courses. This service allows students to complete course exams at any location while still ensuring the academic integrity of the exam for the institution. Using a webcam and audio capability, students can take exams in a conducive environment and where they have reliable internet access. ProctorU is the only university-approved proctoring service at this time.

ProctorU's Official Privacy Policy:


Alternatives to Online Proctoring

Please consider the following alternative assessment options in order to reduce the number of assessments administered in ProctorU. More information about alternative assessments can be found within the Faculty Guide for Remote Teaching page under the Modify Assessments and Activities Section by clicking Alternative Assessment Considerations.


Getting Started (Instructional Faculty and Students)

Important information about how ProctorU works:

  • Create an account (instructor or student). Go to the LSU Campus portal and select “Sign Up.” Your institution will be pre-populated as “Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge.”
    • Students: Click the Test-Taker button to get started.
    • Instructors: Click the Instructor button to get started. Special note: If you already have a ProctorU account with another institution (e.g., LSU Online, LSU ODL, or other), please create an account using another email address.
  • Visit the ProctorU Live Resource Center. Learn: 
    • How ProctorU works
    • What to expect when testing
    • Technical requirements, and more.


Get further help for instructional faculty in the section Information for Instructors or students in Information for Students.

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