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General Information: Shared resources should be secured so that only those who need to access the resource can access the resource. While there are many ways to secure your Windows box, this document will describe the methods normally used by the Office of Computing Services Active Directory staff. By default, Windows installs NTFS...
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Active Directory FAQs What is an Active Directory (AD)? The Microsoft Windows Active Directory...
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Active Directory provides central authentication and authorization services for Windows based computers. Active Directory also allows administrators to assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates to an entire organization according to Wikipedia. The Group policy is similar to the "Local Security Policy" available on all Windows NT workstations, the Group...
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The following is a guide to Group Policies in Windows regarding the LSU OCS Active Directory system. Group Policies allow Organizational Unit administrators to define procedures and set restrictions on computers and user objects within an OU. In the LSU Active Directory, Group Policy...
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Louisiana State University Active Directory Project Preface In 1997 LSU implemented a domain model using Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. The model consisted of one master domain called LSU_NT that...
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General Information The following is a guide to maintaining organizational units in the LSU ITS Active Directory system. Organizational Units allow organizations on campus to maintain control over their resources, like: computers, servers, printers and file shares. Below are instructions on how to maintain OU's. Creating...
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