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General Information Qualtrics is a research and survey software that allows CURRENTLY ENROLLED students, currently active faculty and staff of the LSU A&M, Law Center, and Veterinary Medicine campuses to create, distribute,...
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It is possible to enable SSO authentication in Qualtrics Surveys so that participants who take the survey can be identified as needed. There is also the option to enable Personal Links which distribute a unique link to each user you would like to take the survey. To do so, please see Track Participants via Personal Link You may also look into survey...
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It is possible to troubleshoot individual unsent or bounced emails when distributing a Qualtrics survey in bulk through the Distributions tab. To Troubleshoot sending Bulk Emails through Qualtrics: Navigate to and login with your LSU ID and password.
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In some cases, survey reports may not provide the results directly on the website due to issues with the data. This article provides additional information on what happens in these cases and what can be done to access the data. To Troubleshoot Survey Reports Not Appearing: This issue may happen for a few different reasons, so the...
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